3 hour drop-in Acting Class. @cobraclubbk in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 5pm. $5. TODAY.

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I’m teaching a $5 drop-in acting class every Saturday from 5pm-8pm at the Cobra Club in Bushwick, Brooklyn, called Bangarang Acting. It’s a comedy based acting approach I developed that is focused around two main concepts:

  1. You don’t learn to act, you remember. Children are born terrific actors, because they play fully, shrewdly, and unabashedly. 
  2. Comedians make the best actors. If you find what’s funny about the material, then you’ve found what’s true and human about it, and you can have a light touch while exploring that truth, no matter the tone, style, or genre.
This class is really great for comedians who are interested in acting because it engages your personal P.O.V. and sense of humor, and makes you a more dynamic performer overall. This class is also great for anybody who is interested in acting, because it is designed to be completely playful and not at all over-serious or stuffy. You get to learn by having a lot of fun!
The class is a drop-in class, which means you can come for every consecutive session, or once a month, whatever you want, whenever you want, and it’s just $5 per session. The class is every Saturday, starting this week, 5pm-8pm. Come this Saturday with $5, dressed to move, open to play, and ready to laugh! 
Every Saturday, 5pm-8pm, Starting Oct. 11th Nov 22nd
@ Cobra Club, 6 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn
Off the Jefferson L train stop

@blackzeusx- Madiba #5 ZeusXStyles Della AKA BlkZeusx jst dropped this dope ass video! Check his show @trashbar 8 this Sunday! #hiphop #harlem #mandella #ferguson

Bad Religion: Weekly Brooklyn Meetup @ Trash Bar for Spiritual People too Punk-Rock for Church. 6pm, Sundays.

For the people in the Williamsburg area who have more questions than answers, who think Jesus wore a leather jacket, who like to have a laugh, and just want to talk to real people about real life shit, this is for you.

6pm every Sunday the North Brooklyn Vineyard hosts Bad Religion. All people with an open mind and open heart are welcome, regardless of faith, creed, color, or orientation.

6pm, Sundays at the Trash Bar, 256 Grand st.


Cool Jesus at Chicago pride

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