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I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
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Top 5 Directors I Want to Work With

Judd Apatow

James L. Brooks

Jon Favreau

James Grey

Scott Cooper

Gustav Klimt - Death and Life. 1910.

Gustav Klimt - Death and Life. 1910.

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"I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE": Open Conversation Night with Artists and Art Lovers at Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! 03/02/14!

Hey all! Just writing to remind everyone that we’re picking back up with I Know This Much Is True, at Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Sunday, March, 2nd, 6pm! 

For those of you who don’t know, I Know This Much Is True is a monthly gathering/conversation I host, that is sponsored by the North Brooklyn Vineyard. It’s for Artists of all kinds, and Lovers-of-Art, whether you’re a museum rat, bookworm, comedy nerd, indie rock snob, or you just are really into House of Cards right now, to get together and talk about art and what it means to and adds to our lives. Each month, I share a few pieces of “mystical" art that I’ve found with the group, and over free food and cheap beers, we have an easy, free flowing conversation about these pieces. We talk about howthe pieces might relate to our lives, what we find funny about them, what we find spooky, or makes us thoughtful, how they remind us of something that our grandmother told us once… 
To be clear, “mystical art" is just art that speaks to the idea of something else, something more, something beyond the mundane day-to-day world we live in. That could be an African Dance piece, it could be Whistler painting, it could be a Louis CK stand up routine, as long as it speaks to something a little bit mysterious, some kind of truth or energy living below the surface.
Yes, this is hosted by a church, but this is not at all a religious service. If you want a regular church service, you can visit us at our morning service, but this night is about art. Art means something to all of us, speaks to all of us in common language, in a deep way. It makes us laugh, cry, feel. But often there isn’t a safe space where we can talk to each other about the stuff that we get from art in a real way. Well, this is a space to get a little buzzed and do that, and meet some interesting people. That’s it.
We’ve been going for a little less than a year now and have have had some amazing times, mind-blowing, dynamic conversations, and a lot of great laughs! So again, Sunday, March 2nd, 6pm, we’ll host our next I Know This Much is True, and whether you make art, or don’t make any art at all, but you appreciate it, you’re definitely invited. Hope to see you there!
"I Know This Much Is True.”
Trash Bar, 256 Grand st. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
Sunday, March 2nd, 6 pm (And every 1st Sunday of the month)

Close to Bedford and Metropolitan, L train stops, and Lorimer G train stop


Australian photographer Lilli Waters

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